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Game Name: Malificient

Name: Megan

Why I like DF:  Well lets see pummeling has got to be
the best.  Now if only I could pummel the crap outta
some people in real life I would be set.  All the
friends I have met are the best, wouldn't be here
without them.  My guild, couldn't ask for a better
group of people.  And hey as Mhoram would say
everybody luvs me, what more could I ask for.  Mhoram
you a sweetie.  Oh and one last thing without Dizz I
wouldn't be here, he told me to cide my crappy stats
when I was lvl 13 so without him there would be no
Mali.  So in a nutshell I guess that's why I play DF.


Game Name: Mhoram

Name: Drew

Hometown: Lacrosse, WI

Hobbies :Golf, camping , fishing, and rollerblading and DF of course:)

Main reason I fell in love with DF is the escape from day to day
life...unkowingly did I realize I would come to befriend so many
wonderful people in the DF realm. Of course the tap i have is kewl too
:::Taps full and glares at Method:::: (wink)
We have all been thru a lot and kudos to those that have stuck it out
and stayed:)

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