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A Darkness Falls Website


A Darkness Falls Website
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Must It Be The Final Goodbye?
~sighs as she looks back over her past DF life~
Aye.. It's all gone now, isn't it? What I left in January, never knowing if I'd come back or not.. I guess my final decision has been made for me.
I leave this page as it is, for as long as Tripod leaves it here.
So, old friends, come visit me. I am in EverQuest now, on the Erollisi Marr server. The characters that I play are Kityanna and Wylde. Alot of old DFers are there now as well, Dizz, Mayhem, Docvoodoo, Thengel, and a few others.
Come visit us there. Here is our guild webpage, Eternal Haven
This isn't the end.
Kitten, Forever Impette of the Night Blades.

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Updated 3-30-99
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Darkness Falls Information

Darkness Falls: Guide to the New Player 
A guide to help the newbie get started 
Tamia's Downfall 
The history behind the game 
A Word on Stats 
Things you should know before you roll your character.
Guilds and Character class 
Info on each character class and Guilds in these classes 
Items: From armor to jewelry 
List of items with brief descripitions 
The Lands 
Lets take a look at all the lands with maps and info on each 
Monster Lore
Physical discriptions of crits to help your imagination as you play.
Tips from players 
Find out tidbits of of info from the best players themselves 
Come sign my guestbook or e-mail us your suggestions 
Special Thanks page 
A thank you to the group that hase done the most for the Game of DF 
My Credits and Links page 
Hey, Thanks to these guys for their help, and look here to find where I got the art for this site from. 
Who are we? 
Want to add a face to the name of the people we spend more time with then our own families <g> 

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