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Well, I've gone around and asked some of the better well known pros of the game for what they would consider the most important tip for a new player. The number one reply was "DONT SCREW WITH DA HIGH LEVEL IMPS", well, ok, but what about the rest of the game. With that one bit of knowledge, here is what else they think you should know.

"I think a good tip would be to make friends and always help out people when you can, because it will all come back to you. Karma does play a factor in the game from my experiences" Surreal "Bone Lord" of the Bone Dancers

"Dont advertise that you are a level 2 player and have items that level 25+ guys would kill for" Crescent "Bone Lord" of the Bone Dancers

"If you're going to be a necro, prepair for a lot of work. It will pay off in the long run" Nuke

"Dont make a pain of yourself. Its all right to ask your guild for help, but try to prove yourself as part of the guild first" Gander "Bone Lord" of the Bone Dancers

"You should really think about tipping the Fixer Demons. We dont mind helping and improving your stuff, But we will only do it once or twice for you with out you tipping us...after that you will find we are always busy when ya ask if ya stiff us. Remember, the time we spend fixing your stuff we lose in profit from monsters." Berit of the Infernal Legion

"Don't steal from corpses, people don't stay dead long." A good piece of advice from Nordramor

"Make a combat parry macro, and make sure you remember where it's at. This could be the only thing between you and death." Kitten, Impette of the Nightblades

"Assess every new crit you run into(I've got it on macro.) Its always the crits with cute furry names that will send you back to the grave." Chauvan, Rot Warrior of the Cult of the Flesh

"Listen to Your higher LVL guildies because after a while of telling you the same thing over and over they may be less likely to help you when you die doing something your not supposed to." Kas, Stalker of the Nightwalkers

"NEVER fight on a half a tank of energy, take it from a person who dies at least 3 times a a friggin meal =) well been good so far..1 time the whole day" Nasenbluten, Stalker of Night Blades, should be Executioner by now..but I level slow like Necrosykoz! =) well not that slow =)

"The ultimate weapon against pking is... dare I say it? Keeping your fool mouth shut." Pestilence, Bone Lord

"Always respect your guild members and elders. You can only boss around the lil ones when you're old enough to.(wink) You never want to mess with anyone of a larg ranking (Like cussing out the Blood Queen,King of Decay,or if they're not that bright Immortals) You should try to keep your mouth shut most of the time and ask advice if you need it. Always help people if you can do so, don't loot, PK without a reason, or soul without a reason." Blazzer, Blood Mage

"Don't Piss off yer guildmates. Thier usually the first to yer aide if you die. Also Lower Lvls Listen to the Higher ups in yer guild. They started where you are, and know what NOT to do!" Cluttz, The Short Tempered Wolf Lord of the Pack

"If your gonna be a skelley, be prepared to be raped at least twice a day by monsters for a while..oh..and make sure you become GOOOOD friends with imps since they took away our auto percept training hehe" Tehthu, Skeletal Warlord

"Never rely too much on others for location or will get lost eventually if u depend on others too much.." Necrologia, Warlock ( Df engage Singapore)

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