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Orc Shamans

Guild name: Cult of Ra'kur'ga
The Healers of the Game

Guild Spell Lists
Wound Repair
Nature's Wrath
Unholy Combat
Group Healing
Death's Touch

Guild Ranks
Level 2: Feral Seer
Level 7: Doomsayer
Level 11: Doom Priest
Level 16: Dark Prophet
Cult Master: High Priest/Priestess

Guild Items
Level 2: Boar Skin Gloves, Agility Bonus
Level 7: Shaman's Robes, Elemental Protecion and Direct Bonus
Level 11: Ceremonial Feathered Staff, Cast Thunderbolt
Level 16: Necklace of Shrunken Heads, 3x Power and Intell Bonus
Cult Master: ?

Guild Abilities
Level 2: Quick Spell
Level 16: Quick Power

Guild Strength
The ability to heal themselves while fighting.
Save a fortune not haveing to buy Cin all the time.

Guild Weakness
Orcs can't jump!(Thud!)
but it's fun to watch them try... ::snickers::
Orcs are slow to gain exp.

Armor Restriction 4
Orcs are able to wear the studded leather items but chain and
plate items are just too big and bulky for their stature.

This guild is the Medics of the game, they have the ability to heal you while fighting and to rez you should you die while fighting. They are a great game member to have along with you while trying new lands and monsters.

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