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Guild Name: The Cult of Flesh

Guild Ranks
Level 2: Shambler
Level 7: Rot Warrior
Level 11: Ghoul
Level 16: Worm Lord
Cult Master: King of Decay

Guild Items
Level 2: Rusty Chain Leggings, Agility bonus
Level 7: Tattered Hauberk, Cast Stoic, Grants Fire Protection
Level 11: Hammer of Decay
Level 16: Corroded Chain Helm, Weapons Skill
Cult Master: Hammer of Wykron

Guild Skills
Level 2: Order
Level 16: Melee

Guild Abilities and Curses
Heat Vulnerability
Mentalism Resistance
Level 2: Quick Heal
Level 7: Quick Attack
Level 11: Quick Skill

Main Guild Stats

Armor Restriction 5: Chainmail

Zombie Special Abilities
Cannot be killed, except by a magical attack
Cannot bleed or be poisoned

Zombie Weaknesses
Naturally Slow
Zombies never get the evade skill
Zombies are weak against fire damage

Zombies are almost the same as their somewhat distant cousin the Skells, where the Zombie has a slow attack timer, their "Pummel" skill makes up for it.

Just thought id write a little for those who may be considering starting a zombie up. In the following paragraphs I will list the important stats and also the guild items and skills available.
For starters you need to know the important stats for zombies. They will appear in order of importance in my opinion:
Agility: Zombies are naturaly slow. We get a guild item at level two to speed us up some but high agility will fix the problem completely.
Strength: We are warriors by trade and being so we need to be powerfull and strong. Strength affects the damage you dish out so it is very important to us. Accept nothing less then 17.
Dexterity: This affects how well we hit monsters and also how well we make them miss. The higher the dex the more often you will hit and I believe it also increases damage. Shoot for 16 min in this but a 18 would be nice.
Constitution: Affects hitpoints. I have made it to high levels with con as low as 9 but it just makes things harder on you. The higher this is the better hits you will have and I belive it affects the ammount of damage you take from opponents hits.
Wisdom: This affects how much you get for items sold in store and how much you pay for goodies. The higher the wisd the lower you pay and the more you get.
Intel: Not totally sure but I guess it affects your percept.
Next up is the skills you need to train in. You will need a min of 18 points to train in all the ones you need. If you get more then 18 you can save em up and double train in one of the skills:
Always train in.... weapons, parry, pummel, climb, jump, percept If you have extra points get... hide, swim (this one auto trains so id skip it)
Special abilities and skills: Pummel, Melee at level 16 (lets you hit mutiple targets at same time), quick heal at level 2, quick attack at level 7, quick skill at 11. We regenerate hits naturaly, are immune to poison, bleeding, and use no fatigue with weapons. Also do not die except for by magic. otherwise we just pass out and someone can revive us.
Guild gifts: Level 2: rusty chain leggins (adds to agility), Level 7 : Tattered haubrek (stoic look, magic bonus, fire protection),Level 11: hammer of decay (diseases opponents and is better then shinning mist hammer), Level 16 :corroded chain helm (add to weapons skill)
Well this is about it for now. Should be enough to get you started.
Zombie of The Cult of Flesh

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