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Human Necromancers

Guild name: Dark Reavers
The only current Necromantic guild!

Council of the Dark Reavers
Cult Master: Hemorrhage, High Dark Warlock
Deputy CM: Waleran de Khazed'hea I, Lieutennant of Darkness
Council members: (all Warlocks)

Guild Spell Lists
Elemental Protections
The Dark Trick

Guild Ranks
Level 2: Initiate
Level 7: Servant of the Dark
Level 11: Dark Reaver
Level 16: Warlock/Witch
Cult Master: Master Reaver

Guild Items
Level 2: Cloak of Living Shadows, Casts darkvision
Level 7: Runic Robes of Intelligence, Same effect as a Necklace of Intel
Level 11: Pointed cap of Wizardry, Same effect as Black silk gloves.
Level 16: Glowing Onyx Medallion of Power, Increases Magic power by 3x.
Cult Master: Book of Necromancy, Protects like an Alloy tower shield with a small Tap bonus.

Guild Skills
Level 2: Order (unused until Reaver status is attained)
Level 11: Tap, and the ability to use Order Skill

Guild Abilities
Level 2: Quick Power
Level 7: Quick Spell

Main Guild Stats

Armor Restriction 4
Necromancers are only able to wear items of a cloth nature.
Clothing and thick padded armors are your only choices.

This class is the combat class of the Necros. Their combat spells are some of the best in the game. They are a hard guild class to raise in, but once you reach "Warlock" you will be a very strong force to deal with.

Now here are some comments from the Necromancers. If you are just starting out in the Necro guild, then you should pay close attention to what they have to say. Not only that, you should thank them for taking the time to add all their wisdom here! So, BIG HAND and WOO HOOS all around!!

Tips from Waleran I
All necromancers: Stats are omnipotent for mages. When rolling keep the following guide in mind; The sum of your stats should be =, or > 95, that way you will receive at least 20 skill points per lvl. Intelligence is our most important stat and an 18+ is an absolute MUST, Dexterity is 2nd in importance, followed by Agility, Wisdom and Constitution. Strength is less important, but as we do not auto train in climb, jump or swim, a bonus in this field would definitely help.
If you have the time to autoroll some really nice necromancer stats, enter the following into the autoroller dialog box:
STR - 14+ CON - 15+ AGI - 16+ DEX - 17+ INT - 18+ WIS - 16+
If you don't have that kind of time... (about 4-5 hours barring bugs) just enter an 18+ intel, 17+ dex and total of 93+.
When you are done rolling, enter the game and receive your neophyte items. As soon as you exit the Eldar's apartment you will be in the main training hall... you can try to research a spell list at lvl 1. The first spell list that you want to research is Shielding. Necromancers cannot wear armor better than cloth, so shielding spells are our only recourse.
Ok, now you are ready to face the rigors of Tamia! Exit the training hall, and go up the stairs, through the tapestry, and out the front door. You will be in the S. eastern corner of the walled city of Tamia. Save the tour for later, because many of the inhabitants are hostile and will kill you rather easily. Exit Tamia via the E. gate, and you are in Tamia local. This is where you will want to do your hunting until about lvl 3. Attack everything except for stumps with your touch.of.winter spell. As for t he dagger you received from the Eldar? Yeah... it was an inside joke, melt it down and sell the silver.
When you have accumulated enough silver, you can raise in the training hall, and use your skill points to train in various fields. Depending on how many points you get you'll be able to train in more things but here is a general guide: MUSTS: train 2x in DIRECT, this is the skill that governs how well you use offensive spells, how often you hit with them and how much damage you do. You will want to train twice per lvl in this skill until about lvl 16. EVADE, another vital skill... I wish we could double train in this one as well; train in it every level until you get up to around 100%... after that, just let it autotrain. Climb, Swim, and Jump... Climbing and Jumping become quite important at higher levels as many areas are not accessible w/o these skills, Swim is less important, but still vital for travel. Train in at least one of these skills every level, but alternate. EVERYTHING ELSE, well... most of these skills will autotrain, and with only one exception, anything that does not autotrain is not worth spending the points. The exception is the Sneak skill. Sneak can be a very important tool at high levels, a necromancer who can hide and sneak is VERY deadly. With our tap skill, (which you get at lvl 11) we can deal out insane amounts of damage with high lvl spells. It's your choice, though, hide and sneak are mostly PK skills, and you won't use them much in hunting. Ok, now you have some better percentages attached to your skills, and it's time to join da Guild.
To find the guild offices, open the cask in the room just outside the doorway to the training hall. The cask has a false bottom and if you type 'go cask' then you will find yourself in the basement of the Necromantic mansion. From there just follow the map to the guild hall, type 'join' and all will be made apparent to you as a guild member.
~ Waleran de Khazed'hea I
Lieutennant of Darkness
Guild of the Dark Reavers

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