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Guild name: Bone Dancers

Guild Ranks
Level 2: Bone Squire
Level 7: Bone Warrior
Level 11: Bone Knight
Level 16: Bone Lord
Cult Master: Bone King

Guild Items
Level 2: Helm
Level 7: Greaves
Level 11: Armor
Level 16: Shield
Cult Master: Sword of Khrolm

Guild Skills
Level 11: Double
Level 16: Melee

Guild Abilities
Level 7: Quick Heal
Level 11: Quick Attack

Skells Strenth
Cant be poisoned, bleed, disease by non magical means.

Skell weakness
Cant swim

Main Guild Stats

Armor: Skells can wear anything (plate the best)
Leggings: Skells can wear anything (metal best)
Boots: Skells can wear anything (metal best)
Head: Skells can wear anything (metal best)
Weapons: Skells can use any weapon in the game

Skells are the work horse in the game, They are made to go toe to toe with there foes. Skells are the Warriors of all races. They can take a beating and do not bleed from wounds. Skells wear heavy armor because they jump into the fight types and this can add up on cost with time from repairs.

Okay, now some words from the Elder Skeletons.

Tips from Crescent
Tips for lower levels......hmm. I would say that given the ENORMOUS number of folks drawn to the skellies the most important thing is to establish friendships in your peer group early on. These will be the folks you will be hunting with and competing for exp with. And as one of the highest lords in the game I can say that one of the things I find most annoying is requests by lower levels to hunt 'with' them. One request, fine. Multiple requests to be taken hunting are annoying demeaning. Higher level characters are scrapping for exp right along with everyone else and by and large have no time for 'handouts'. I know I got where I am by my own efforts. I encourage YOU to do the same. Simply put no one likes a whiner. Get yourself a character with a good strength and dexterity and happy huntin :).
Crescent, Bone Lord of the Bone Dancers

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