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Name: Devon

Game name: Levi

Live: Iowa

Why I like to play "Darkness Falls": I play df because I like the people and the environment of the game that is created by those people.

Name: Mark "Marcus" (The one on the right in the red shirt)

Game Name: Adidas - First Knight of The Bone Dancers ( He who walks in PhatSneakers ). Aeris - my part time excuse to play til I get my name back. :)


Why I like to play "Darkness Falls": Because of the people and everyone in the Bone Dancers. Gotta Love Em!!! I know that most people play different races (its fun ) But NOT for me, Bone Dancer for Life !!!! And before anyone says anything let me be the first to admit that I am the world's worst role player ( same name / race since time can remember ). This goes out to all the Bone Lords/Ladies, I've been there, I remember how hard it took to get there, so Mad Props and Respect goes out to all of you. I also want to thank you all for keeping the game and guild a fun place to be around. And to the rest of the peeps in DF, especially the old timers, thanks for the good times also. P.L.U.R.

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