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My Credits and Links page

This page is my way of saying thanks to all my fellow DF players that have helped me with the makeing of this website. To each and everyone of you THANKS! =) Im also adding my links, lol, I get e-mail everyday from someone telling me what a nice site ive done, but the love the art the best...Well as sad as it is for me to say, I didnt do the art . But I am giving ya the sites I got it from and I will also add any other sites I like and if ya want yours added to my links, e-mail me, I would be glad to do it.

Special thanks to Praxxx, He is the mastermind behind the makeing of the maps. He has done a fantastic job on the maps and in a small way, started this website. I created this site to show off the maps, and sort of got carried away . If anyone would like there own copies of the maps sent to them in a zip file e-mail praxxx at

To Layziebone, what can I say, he is one of the best cyber friends a guy can have. He alone has made (for me) what I have found to be the one of the most enjoyable games on the web. He has helped me make this website happen by watching my back as I tooled around trying to find out every thing I could about the game. He has helped Gander, by picking him up and dusting him off when ever he though "Oh yeah, I can take this monster alone", only to be yelling "HELLLPPPP!!!!!!" a few moments later. Layz is the real reason why anyone should be playing this game, to have the opportunity to make a friend like him

Dragons and Dreams

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