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Guild name: The Pack

Guild ranks:
2 level: Pup
7 level: Ravener
11 level: Bone cruncher
16 level: Wolf Lord
Cult Master: ?

Guild items:
2 level: Ripper Claws
7 level: Leggings
11 level: Armor
16 level: ?
Cult Master: ?

Guilds special ability:

Guilds strenth:
Wolfs hit very hard

Guilds weakness:
Armor restriction, and wolfs are huge targets, so they take a lot of damage.

Armor: only thick padded and cloth
Leggings: same
Boots :same
Head: same
Weapons: No restrictions

Werewolfs are great fighters, Their "Berserk" attack is one of the best in the game. If it was not for the armor restriction, wolfs would be one of, if not the most fierce fighters in the game.

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