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Special Thanks

This is a special Thank you to the Staff and Game ops at "Darkness Falls". I know you guys get busted on for the boots, lags and the poofed items that happen in da game. I just want to say, and im sure I speak for most, that we still appreciate all the time and effort you have put into making this game one of the more enjoyable games on "Game Storm". Sometimes we say things we dont mean and we forget that you guys are people to, and that just cause you are a game ops does not mean that you are a cyber god. We yell and scream and blame you guys for alot of things, but I just want to say that, hey, its just a game, life will go on and the time I have been playing DF has been over all one of the best playing experiences I have had on the web.

So Nyri,Slyte and all the rest of you, I bow so humbly to you and say keep up the good work, you guys are doing a great job.

Gander "Bone Lord of the Bone Dancers Guild"

P.S. This is what I invision Nyri to look like while she sending her minions lose onto the realms of DF....Hey, its my website so I can do this

P.S.S. And I would like to thank Illuminatus, he went to bat for the game DF and for the players of the game.Im sure this took alot of courage for him to do, to put his butt and job on the line for us, and as some of you may have noticed, it worked...some changes have happend in the last few days that have been for the better (i.e. Stinky) Well, Illuminatus, I for one salute ya for this...Good job bro! Gander

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