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Bluffs of Zden

You enter the gate, ignoring the blood scrawled warning (Just a thought on my part, "A Blood Scrawled warning"...HEY MCFLY! ITS IN BLOOD!!!! Not ink, not lead not even crayon BUT BLOOD!!! Need I say more on what your going to find) So you venture on, The bold warrior that you are, fearing nothing that the game had to offer up to this point, But wait......whats hear a wailing of a chilling tune. You move on thinking "Bah, its only the wind" and as you turn the next corner you see of in the distance a broken down castle. Thinking, "Cool, Im going to be rich after looting that..." you press forward. Again you hear that wailing in the distance, but wait, is it getting closer? (Lets recap here a sec, 1.Blood scrawled warning 2.a chilling wailing 3.A broken down castle...come on, really, where the spider caves really that bad? Lets go back there, no blood, no wailing...just a good ol time stomping bugs) Well you push on, thought of fame and fortune out weighing good sense. LOOK OUT!!! You just been attacked by a you turn to run, you find your self face to face with a banshee, ok sure she looks good, and her songs not that bad, but come on...shes a ghost and shes really not in that good of a mood (Kind of a perpetual spiritual PMS)......... Thats right, the Bluffs have wraith, Banshees, Skeleton kings, specters and all kinds of goodies. In the Bluff, is more then likely your going to come across your first magical weapon. Banshees are hard to kill, but they offer sword or rapiers of flame. This is where you should start to work with some one in a hunting party cause beyond the bluffs is the dark forest and the cursed woods.

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