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Spider Caves

The Spider caves.......What can I say, the name more or less tells it all. The caves are a spot most new players will be spending alot of time hunting. Some of the best low level armor can be found here, and its real easy to get......You just have to kill a few Giant Spiders or Treasure Hunters to get to it! Make sure for all you members that dont have much experience or hit points, bring a friend or two with you (Some one to drag your corpse out to the healers LOL). The caves are split up into 2 main hunting levels, DO NOT go to the lowest level until you can master the Monsters on the levels before it. It would be such a shame to find yourself killed after all the work you put into your character up to this point.The monsters on the levels before the lowest level are much easier then the Big Boys down stairs. Dont rush, it will all come to you in good time.

Here is a list of what you may face in the Monster category and the items they usually have on them. This is not the case all the time, but if your looking for a certain item you will know who to look for. Silver spider-Carries white spider gloves Small Black spider-Carries items left on the ground. Brown Spider-Carries spidersilk hood or gloves Explorer-Carries good amount of silver and a weapon of some sort Slime-Carries items left laying around Moth-Carries items left laying around

Lowest level                                                 Cave Spider-Carries leggings or boots and items left laying around Glowing Spider-Carries small spider leg Giant Spider-Carries tunics and cloaks Small arachnids-Carries skirts and leggings Rock Spiders-Carries items left laying around Water Spider-Carries coat, silver ring, or ruby Treasure Hunter-Carries large amount of silver and a gem of some sort or iron Gauntlets or cloak