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Oak Grove

Once you have mastered the squirrels and farmers, this is your next step to fame and fortune. This is where you will establish your fighting skills and hopefully pick up a better weapon (if we as a guild have not given you one yet). This is where you can also work on that bank account you will need as your armor and weapon become stronger and better. Here once again I have spent millions to come up with a map to help all the new players (I had to do it the hard way, fight and RUNAWAY, fight and RUNAWAY until I found the way out). The places you really want to hunt once your sure you can handle your self with the other monsters in the Grove ,is  up at the barracks and tower. These are human non-player monsters and they have weapons. So before you try it, make sure you are to the point that you know you can beat every other non-human monster in the grove.

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