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The Lands

Welcome to the Lands section of the website. Here you will find a brief description of each section of the game you will visit as you grow in strength. along with the description I have added maps (If I have them done, if a map is not up yet, it will be soon.) Ive added these maps to help the new player out as much as  can. I might have missed a few thing in the game that are not on my map, but thats good for you, enjoy the fact that you found something you didnt know about.

Choose Your Land

Spider Caves
Grassland ruins
Waste of olmar
Vally of Zden
Bluffs of Zden
Dark Forest
Pine Forest/Tundra
Cursed Woods
Greenmist Ruins
Grey Mountains
Oak Grove
Reilyn Village
Rowen Groves
New! The Great Swamp New!
New! The Fields of Mo'Serat New!
New! Plains of Hevok New!

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