Plains of Hevok

The Plains of Hevok are a pretty good place for the lower levels to hunt. Even the higher levels can hunt in here because of the Kobold Anarchist swarms. Just be careful if you're fighting a swarm, DON'T DIE. If you do, most likely all of your stuff will poof. Even if it doesn't all poof, the monsters will pick it up and wonder off with it and it will probably never be found.

Also, this place has A LOT of trash dropped in it. The staff has added a shop with the soul purpose to sell that trash. If we all do our part in selling the worthless drops from the NPCs, then the plains will stay fairly clean, the room descripts will load faster, we wont be in danger of our stuff poofing if we die, and it will cut down on the chance of bugs forming. And staff wont yell at us.

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