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Monster Lore 

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Vampire: One of the Eight Races of the game.
Also, NPC's are Lord Vampires, Thralls, Crypt Vampire and Tamian Vampires found in Tamia Deeps
    Of all the chaotic evil undead creatures that stalk the world, none is more dreadful than the vampire.  Moving silently through the night, vampires prey upon the living without mercy or compassion.  Unless deep underground, they must return to the coffins in which they pass the daylight hours, and even in the former case they must occasionally return to such to rest, for their power is renewed by contact with soil from their graves.
    One aspect that makes the vampire far more fearful than many of its undead kindred is its appearance.  Unlike other undead creatures, the vampire can easily pass among normal men without drawing attention to itself for, although its facial features are sharp and feral, they do not seem inhuman.  In many cases, a vampire's true nature is revealed only when it attacks.
There are ways in which a vampire may be detected by the careful observer, however.  Vampires cast no reflection in a glass, cast no shadows, and move in complete silence.

Verbeeg: found in the Valley of the Giants
Once, someone asked over guild channel, what's a verbeeg anyway?
The answer came, 'A french giant,,  it's Verrry Beeg..'
    Known as "human behemoths," these human giants inhabit areas infested with hill giants and ogres.
    Verbeeg vary in height from 8 1/2 to 10 feet tall, and weigh between 300 and 400 pounds.  They are unusually thin for their height, although this does not inhibit their fighting ability.  Some have minor deformities, such as club foot, uneven eyes, hair lips, etc.  In all other respects they appear human, including skin, hair, and eye color.  They wear as much protective clothing and armor as they can obtain, which isn't much.  Usually they wear furs and hides with pieces of metal armor stitched into strategic places.  They almost always carry shields and have the best weapons they can steal.  Typically this means clubs and spears.

Wererat: found in Southern Wharves
    Wererats, also called ratmen, are humans who can transform themselves into three forms - human, human-sized ratman, and giant rat.  They are sly and evil, and usually inhabit tunnel complexes beneath cities.
    The wererat's human form tends to be a thin, wiry individual of shorter than average height.  his eyes constantly dart around, and his nose and mouth may twitch if he is excited.  Males often have thin, ragged mustaches.
    The ratman form is somewhat shorter than the human form.  The head, torso, and tail are identical to those of a rat, but the limbs remain human.
    The third form is that of a giant rat 2 feet from nose to rump.  This form is identical to that of the giant rat.  This is the preferred form for travel and spaying on potential victims.

Werewolf: One of the Eight Races of the game.
Also, NPC's are raveners and werewolfs, found in Tamia Deeps
    Werewolves are the most feared of the lycanthropes, men who can transform into wolflike beasts.  They should not be confused with wolfweres - wolves who turn into men.  Great enmity exists between werewolves and wolfweres.
    The human forms of werewolves have no distinguishing traits.  The werewolf form is equally varied.  Many have a bipedal form that is a hybrid of human and lupine features.  These creatures are about 1-foot taller and stronger than their human forms.  The bodies are fur-covered and have short tails, wolflike legs, and heads that are combinations in varying degrees of human and lupine features.
    A second form of hybrid is more wolflike, and may be mistaken for a large wolf when it runs on all four legs.  This hybrid can also walk erect and has humanlike hands.
    Another type of werewolf looks exactly like a large wolf about the size of a bear.  This creature has no human features, although the eyes may glow red in the dark.

Wight: found in the Barrows of Zden
    In ages long past, the word "wight" meant simply "man."  As the centuries have passed, though, it has come to be associated only with those undead that typically inhabit barrow mounds and catacombs.
    From a distance, wights can easily be mistaken for any number of humanoid races.  Upon closer examination, however, their true nature becomes apparent.  As undead creatures, wights are nightmarish reflections of their former selves, with crewel, burning eyes set in mummified flesh over a twisted skeleton with hands that end in sharp claws.

Will o'wisp:  found in the Barrows of Zden
    The will o'wisp is a malevolent entity that makes its home in swamps, bogs, and moors.  It subsists by luring unsuspecting creatures to their deaths amid the natural hazards of such places and feeding on the energies which their death struggles release.
    When encountered in the wild, will o'wisps normally appear as faintly glowing balls of light.  They can alter their own color, shape and size to some extent and can be easily mistaken for lanterns, light spells, and similar sources of artificial illumination.
    If they do not attack, will o'wisps are able to utterly blank out their glows, rendering them invisible to all those who cannot spot invisible objects.
    The will o'wisp language is a most unusual one, being purely optical in nature.  All communication between will o'wisps is by means of changes in color or brightness, many of which are fare too subtle for the average observer to notice.  Because this form of exchange is almost impossible to mimic, it is very difficult for travelers to communicate with these creatures.  Exceptional examples of this race have mastered a very simple sound-based language.  They produce sounds by vibrating very rapidly and thus have a shallow and ghostly-sounding voice when they "speak."

Wraith: found in the Barrows of Zden
    The wraith is an evil undead spirit of a powerful human that seeks to absorb humanlife energy.
    These horrible creatures are usually seen as black, vaguely man-shaped clouds.  They have no true substance, but tend to shape themselves with two upper limbs, a torso, and a head with two glowing red eyes.  This shape is a convenience born from habit of once having a human body.

Wyvern: found in Greyknife Peaks, Valley of the Giants, Serpentine Mountains, and Serpent Pass
    A distant cousin to the dragon, the wyvern is a huge flying lizard with a poisonous stinger in its tail.
    The 35-foot-long dark brown to gray body of the wyvern is half tail.  Its leather batlike wings are over 50 feet from tip to top.  The head alone is 4 feet long and filled with long, sharp teeth.  Unlike the dragon, it has only hind legs, using them the same way a hunting bird would.  The tip of the tail is a thick knot of cartilage from which a 2-foot-long stinger protrudes, very much like that of a scorpion.  The eyes are red or orange.  A wyvern does not have a strong odor, although its lair might smell of a recent kill.  These beast make two sounds, a loud hiss, which sounds like a hot sword plunged into water, and a low, deep throated growl, much like that of a bull crocodile.

Yeti: found in the Arctic Glacier
    Sometimes confused with the abominable snowman, the yeti is a distant cousin to the great carnivorous apes of warmer climates.
    An adult yeti stands 8 feet tall and is covered in long, white fur.  Their feet and hands are wide and flat, which helps to disperse their great weight (about 300 pounds) on treacherous snow fields.  They travel on all fours like the apes, but fight very comfortably standing erect.  Unlike most apes and gorillas, the yeti does not have an opposable toe on its feet.  They wear no clothing or ornamentation.  The spoor, or smell, of a yeti is very subtle in cold climates, but in confined or warm areas, they have a strong, musky order.  They eyes of a yeti are icy blue or almost colorless.  Their claws and flesh are ivory white.  Unlike many arctic creatures, the yeti does not have a thick layer of body fat to keep it warm.  Instead, it relies upon the special properties of its thick, warm fur.  It has a transparent second eyelid, which allows the creature to see in blowing snow, and prevents its eyes from freezing in extreme temperatures.

Zombie: One of the Eight Races of the game.
    Zombies are mindless, animated corpses controlled by their creators, usually evil wizards or priest.  The condition of the corpse is not changed by the animating spell.  If the body was missing a limb, the zombie created from it would be missing the same limb.  Since it is difficult to get fresh bodies, most zombies are in sorry shape, usually missing hair and flesh, and sometimes even bones.  This affects their movement, making it jerky and uneven.  Usually zombies wear the clothing they died (or were buried) in.  The rotting stench from a zombie might be noticeable up to 100 feet away, depending up on the condition of the body.  Zombies cannot talk, being mindless, but have been known to utter a low moan when unable to complete an assigned task.

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