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Monster Lore

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Gargoyle (stone gargoyle): found in the Cursed Woods
    These monsters are ferocious predators of a magical nature, typically found amid ruins or dwelling in underground caverns.  They have their own guttural language.

Ghoul (crypt ghoul): found in the Barrows of Zden
    Ghouls are undead creatures, once human, who now feed on the flesh of corpses.  Although the change from human to ghoul has deranged and destroyed their minds, ghouls have a terrible cunning, which enables them to hunt their prey most effectively.
    Ghouls are vaguely recognizable as once having been human, but have become horribly disfigured by their change to ghouls.  The tongue becomes long and tough for licking marrow from cracked bones, the teeth become sharp and elongated, and the nails grow strong and sharp like claws.

Giant, Cloud: found in the Valley of the Giants and the Serpentine Mountains
    Cloud giants consider themselves above all other giants, save storm giants, whom they consider equals.  They are creative, appreciate fine things, and are master strategists in battle.
    Cloud giants have muscular human builds and handsome, well-defined features.  The typical could giant is 24 feet tall and weighs 11,500 pounds.  Female cloud giants can be 1 to 2 feet shorter and 1,000 to 2,000 pounds lighter.  Cloud giants' skin ranges in color from a milky-white tinged with blue to a light sky blue.  Their hair is silvery white or brass and their eyes are an iridescent blue.  Cloud giants can live to be 400 years old.
    A cloud giant's natural Armor Class is 0.  Although they will wear no armor, these giants prize magical protection devices, and one in 20 will have such a device.  Cloud giants dress in clothing made of the finest materials available and wear jewelry.  Many of the giants consider their appearance an indication of their station; the more jewelry and the better the clothes, the more important the giant.  Cloud giants also appreciate music, and the majority of giants are able to play one or more instruments (their favorite is the harp.)  Unlike most other giant races, cloud giants leave their treasure in their lairs, carrying with them only food, throwing rocks, coins, and a musical instrument.

Giant, Fire: found in the Valley of the Giants
    Fire giants are brutal, ruthless, and militaristic.
    They are tall, but squat, resembling hug dwarves.  An adult male is 18 feet tall, has a 12-foot chest, and weighs about 7,500 pounds.  Fire giants have coal black skin, flaming red or bright orange hair, and prognathous jaws that reveal dirty ivory or yellow teeth.  They can live to be 350 years old.
    Warriors usually wear banded mail and round metal helmets.  They carry their belongings in huge sacks.  A typical fire giant's sack contains 2-5 throwing rocks, the giant's wealth, a tinderbox, and 3-12 common items.  Everything they own is battered, filthy, and smelly, making it difficult to identify valuable items.

Giant, Fog: found in the Valley of the Giants
    Cousins to the cloud giants, these large rock-hurlers are more intelligent and stealthy than portrayed in story or song.
    Fog giants are huge and husky, with tree-trunk sized legs, and over-developed arms muscled by constant throwing games and exercises.  They have milk-white skin, which aids their natural ability to blend into fog.  Their hair is silvery white and flowing, with ample hair on the arms, legs, and chest.  They grow no facial hair whatsoever.  They prefer to wear no armor, however, they occasionally wear leather armor, and at least one band wears armor made from white dragon hides studded with silver.  They love massive, ornate clubs made from bleached and polished wood or bone.

Giant, Hill: found in Greyknife Peaks, Valley of the Giants and Serpentine Mountains
    Hill giants are selfish, cunning brutes who survive through hunting and by terrorizing and raiding nearby communities.  Dispite their low intelligence, they are capable fighters.
    Hill giants are oddly simian and barbaric in appearance, with overly long arms, stooped shoulders, and low foreheads.  Even though they are the smallest of the giants, their limbs are more muscular and massive than those of the other giant races.  The average hill giant is 16 feet tall and weighs about 4,500 pounds.  Females have the same builds as males.  Their skin color ranges from a light tan to a deep ruddy brown.  Their hair is brown or black, and their eyes are black.  Hill giants can live to be 200 years old.

Giant, Mountain: found in Greyknife Peaks and the Valley of the Giants
    Mountain giants are huge humanoids that live in remote mountain caverns.
Standing 14 feet tall, and weighing 2,000 pounds, mountain giants are impressive foes.  They greatly resemble hill giants.  Their skin color is a light tan to reddish brown with straight black hair.  The males have heavy beards but no mustaches, and they have large potbellies.  They are typically clothed in rough hides or skins and carry huge clubs as weapons.  The stale reek of a mountain giant can be detected several hundred feet downwind.

Giant, Stone: found in the Valley of the Giants and Serpentine Mountains
    Stone giants are lean, but muscular.  Their hard, hairless flesh is smooth and gray, making it easy for them to blend in with their mountainous surroundings.  Their gaunt facial features and deep, sunken black eyes make them seem perpetually grim.
    The typical stone giant is 18' tall and weighs 9,000 pounds because of its dense flesh.  Females are a little shorter and lighter.  They do not wear armor, preferring to wear stone-colored garments.  Stone giants can live to be 800 years old.

Goblin: found in the Underdark
    These small, evil humanoids would be merely pests, if not for their great numbers.
    Goblins have flat faces, broad noses, pointed ears, wide mouths, and small, sharp fangs.  Their foreheads slope back, and their eyes are usually dull and glazed.  They always walk upright, but their arms hang down almost to their knees.  Their skin colors range from yellow through any shade of orange to a deep red.  usually a single tribe has members all of about the same color skin.  Their eyes vary from bright red to a gleaming lemon yellow.  They wear clothing of dark leather, tending toward dull soiled-looking colors.

Golem, Iron (Giant Iron Golem): found in the Southern Wharves
    An iron golem is twice the height of a normal man, and weighs around 5000 pounds.  It can be fashioned in any stylized manner, although it almost always is built displaying armor of some sort.  Its features are much smoother in contrast to the stone golem.  Iron golems are sometimes found with a short sword (relative to their size) in one hand.  On extremely rare occasions, this sword will be magical.
    The iron golem cannot speak or make any vocal noise, nor does it have any distinguishable odor.  It moves with a ponderously smooth gait at half the speed of a normal man.  Each step causes the floor to tremble, unless it is on a thick, solid foundation.

Golem, Clay: found in Grassland Ruins
    The clay golem is a humanoid body made from clay, and stands about 18 inches taller than a normal man.  It weighs around 600 pounds.  The features are grossly distorted from the human norm.  The chest is overly large, with arms attached by thick knots of muscle at the shoulder.  Its arms hang down to its knees, and end in short stubby fingers.  It has no neck, and a large head with broad flat feet.  A clay golem wears no clothing except for a metal or stiff leather garment around its hips.  It smells faintly of clay.  the golem can not speak, or make any noise.  It walks and moves with a slow and clumsy gait, almost as if it were not in control over its actions.

Griffon: found in Greyknife Peaks and Valley of the Giants
    Half-lion, half-eagle, griffons are ferocious avian carnivores that prey upon horses and their kin.  This hunger for horseflesh often brings griffons into direct conflict with humans and demi-humans.
    Adult griffons stand five feet at the shoulder and weigh over half a ton.  Their head, upper torso, and forelegs are like those of a giant eagle.  This eagle half is covered in golden feathers from its wing tips to it's razor-sharp beak.  Their powerful forelimbs end in long, hooked talons.  Wings, with a span of 25 feet or more, rise out of their backs.  The lower half of a griffon is that of a lion.  Dusky yellow fur covers the lion half's muscular rear legs and clawed feet.  A lion's tail hangs down from the griffon's powerful rear haunches.  Griffons speak no languages, but emit an eagle-like screech when angered or excited.

Hell-Hound: found in Hevok's Peak and Valley of the Giants
    Hell hounds are fire-breathing canines from another plane of existence brought here in the service of evil beings.
    A hell hound resembles a large hound with rust-red or red-brown fur and red, glowing eyes.  The markings, teeth, and tongue are soot black.  It stands two to three feet high at the shoulder, and has a distinct odor of smoke and sulfur.  The baying sounds it makes have an eerie, hollow tone that send a shiver through any who hear them.

Hobgoblin: found in the Orc Caves and Greenmist Forest
    Hobgoblins are a fierce humanoid race that wage a perpetual war with the other humanoid races.  They are intelligent, organized, and aggressive.
    The typical hobgoblin is a burly humanoid standing 6 1/2' tall.  Their hairy hides range from dark reddish-brown to dark gray.  Their faces show dark red or red-orange skin.  Large males have blue or red noses.  Hobgoblin eyes are either yellowish or dark brown while their teeth are yellow.  Their garments tend to be brightly colored, often bold, blood red.  Any leather is always tinted black.  Hobgoblin weaponry is kept polished and repaired.

Hook Horror: found in Endless Nights
    The hook horror is a bipedal, underground-dwelling monster that looks like a cross between a vulture and a man with hooks instead of hands.
    The hook horror stands about nine feet tall and weighs almost 350 pounds.  It has a tough, mottled gray exoskeleton, like that of an insect.  Its front limbs end in 12-inch-long hooks.  Its legs end in feet that have three small hooks, like long, sharp toes.  Its head is shaped like that of a vulture, including the hooded beak.  Its eyes are multifaceted.  It is thought that the hook horror is distantly related to the cockroach or cave cricket.
    Hook Horrors do not have a smell to humans and demi-humans, but any animal would detect a dry musty odor.  They communicate in a series of clicks and clacks made by the exoskeleton at their throats.  In a cave, this eerie sound can echo a long way.  They can use this to estimate cavern sizes and distances, much like the sonar of a bat.

Illithid: found in Endless Nights
    The illithid, or mind flayer, is an evil and feared creature of the Underdark; its powers are formidable and it feeds on the brains of any creature it encounters.  Using arcane powers, it enslaves or destroys its foes, which include such powerful creatures as drow and kuo-tao.
    Mind Flayers stand about 6 feet tall and have hideous mauve skin that glistens with slime.  The head resembles an octopus, with white eyes ( no pupils are evident) and four tentacles around its mouth, a round, many toothed orifice like that of a lamprey.  The creature has three reddish fingers and a thumb on each hand.
    Illithids have infravision.  They can communicate with any creatures via innate telepathy; they have no spoken language, although they often accompany their thoughts with hissing, and the eager lashing of their tentacles.  Mind flayers dress in flowing robes, often with high, stiff collars, adorned with symbols of death and despair.

Imp: One of the Eight Races of the game.
Also, NPC's are Shadow Swindlers, Shadow Spys, and Shadow Thieves found in the Tamia Deeps
Other NPC's are Cutthroats found in the Southern Wharves
    Imps are diminutive creatures of an evil nature who roam the world and act as familiars for lawful evil wizards and priests.
    The average imp is a 2' humanoid with leather, bat-like wings, a barbed tail, and sharp, twisted horns.  Its skin is a dark red and its horns and jagged teeth are a gleaming white.
    The imp can polymorph itself into two other animal forms.  The most commonly encountered alternate forms are those of a large spider, a raven, giant rat, or goat.  In such forms, the imp is physically identical to a normal animal.

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