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Monster Lore

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Banshee: found in the Bluffs of Zden.
    The banshee or groaning spirit, is the spirit of an evil female elf- a very rare thing indeed.  Banshee hate the living, finding their presence painful, and seek to harm whomever they meet.
    Banshees appear as floating, luminous phantasms of their former selves.  Their image glows brightly at night, but is transparent in sunlight.  Most banshees are old and withered, but a few who died young retain their former beauty.  The hair of a groaning spirit is wild and unkempt.  Her dress is usually tattered rags.  Her face is a mask of pain and anguish, but hatred and ire burns brightly in her eyes.  Banshees frequently cry out in pain - hence their name.

Basilisk: found in game in the Endless Nights
    These reptilian monsters all posses a gaze that enables them to turn any fleshy creature to stone; their gaze extends into the Astral and Ethereal planes.
    Although it has eight legs, its sluggish metabolism allows only a slow movement rate.  A basilisk is usually dull brown in color, with a yellowish underbelly.  Its eyes glow pale green.
    The greater basilisk is a larger cousin of the more common reptilian horror, the ordinary basilisk.  These monsters are typically used to guard treasure.

Beholder: found in game in the Endless Nights
    The beholder is the stuff of nightmares.  This creature, also called the sphere of many eyes or the eye tyrant,  appears as a large orb dominated by a central eye, a large toothy maw, and has 10 smaller eyes on stalks sprouting from the top of the orb.  Among adventurers, beholders are known as deadly adversaries.
    Equally deadly are a number of variant creatures known collectively as beholder-kin, including radical and related creatures, and an undead variety.  These creatures are related in manners familiar and arcane to the "traditional" beholders, and share a number of features, including the deadly magical nature of their eyes.  The most extreme of these creatures are called beholder abominations.
    The globular body of the beholder and its kin is supported by levitation, allowing it to float slowly about as it wills.
    Beholders and beholder-kin are usually solitary creatures, but there are reports of large communities of them surviving deep beneath the earth and in the void between the stars, under the dominion of hive mothers.
    All beholders speak their own language, which is also understood by all beholder-kin.  In addition, they often speak the tongues of other lawful evil creatures.

Death Kiss (beholder-kin): invasion monster around Christmas
    The Death Kiss, or "bleeder," is a fearsome predator found in caverns or ruins.  Its spherical body resembles that of the dreaded beholder, but the "eyestalks" of this creature are bloodsucking tentacles, it's "eyes" are hook-toothed orifices.  They favor a diet of humans and horses, but will attack anything that has blood.  An older name for these creatures is eye of terror.
Bugbear: found in game in the Underdark and Endless Nights
    Bugbears are giant, hairy cousins of goblins who frequent the same areas as their smaller relatives.
    Bugbears are large and very muscular, standing 7' tall.  Their hides range from light yellow to yellow brown and their thick coarse hair varies in color from brown to brick red.  Though vaguely humanoid in appearance, bugbears seem to contain the blood of some large carnivore.  Their eyes recall those of some savage bestial animal, being greenish white with red pupils, while their ears are wedge shaped, rising from the top of their heads.  A bugbear's mouth is full of lang sharp fangs.
    Bugbears have a nose much like that of a bear with the same fine sense of smell.  It is this feature which earned them their name, despite the fact that they are not actually related to bears in any way.  Their tough leathery hide and long sharp nails also look something like those of a bear, bur are far more dexterous.
    They typical bugbear's sight and hearing are exceptional, and they can move with amazing agility when the need arises.  Bugbear eyesight extends somewhat into the infrared, giving them infravision out to 60 feet.
    The bugbear language is a foul sounding mixture of gestures, grunts, and snarls which leads many to underestimate the intelligence of these creatures.  In addition, most bugbears can speak the language of goblins and hobgoblins.
Bulette: invasion monster around Christmas
    Aptly called a land shark, the bulette (pronounced Boo-lay) is a terrifying predator that lives only to eat.  The bulette is universally shunned, even by other monsters.
    It is rumored that the bulette is a cross between an armadillo and a snapping turtle, but this is only conjecture.  The bulette's head and hind portions are blue-brown, and they are covered with plates and scales ranging from gray-blue to blue-green.  Nails and teeth are dull ivory.  The area around the eyes is brown-black, the eyes are yellowish, and the pupils are blue green.

Cave Fisher: found in Endless Nights
    The cave fisher is a large insectoid that has adapted to life below ground.  It combines many of the characteristics of a spider and a lobster.
    The cave fisher has a hard, chitinous shell of overlapping plates and eight legs.  The 6 rear legs are used for movement and traction on stony walls and corridors.  Because of these limbs, the fisher has no difficulty in moving up and down vertical walls.  The front pair of legs are equipped with powerful pincers, which are used for killing and dismembering prey.  The most unusual feature of the cave fisher is its long snout, which can fire a strong, adhesive filament.  The monster can also use its adhesive to anchor itself in place on walls and ledges.

Crimson Death Mist (Crimson Mist): found in the Barrows of Zden
    The crimson death is a malevolent, vaporous creature that feeds on the bodily fluids of its victims.
    The body of the crimson death is a humanoid-shaped cloud of pale color.  It is difficult to distinguish if seen against fog and nearly invisible to infravision.  When the creature is fed, it develops a crimson flush that is easily visible to normal or infravision.  The cloud possesses humanoid features.  The fingers elongate into tentacles when it is feeding.  Because of its behavior, sages believe that a Crimson Mist is the result of the actual death of a vampire.
    The Crimson mist's language is a barely audible series of whispers.  It can communicate with other vaporous beings such as air elementals.  It communicates with humanoids only if it is their captive.

Cyclops: found in the Valley of the Giants
    A diminutive relative of true giants, cyclops are single-eyed giants that live alone or in small bands.
    The typical cyclops weighs around 350 pounds, and stands 7½ feet tall.  A single large, red eye dominates the center of its forehead.  Shaggy black or dull, deep blue hair falls in a tangled mass about its head and shoulders, its skin tone varies from ruddy brown to muddy yellow, and its voice is rough and sharp.  Cyclops commonly dress in ragged animal hides and sandals.  They smell of equal parts dirt and dung.

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